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FDB Tool

Program designed for Motorola Astro series radio to load, edit and upload Feature Descriptor Block (FDB, see Astro Legasy FDB).


Lua to Windows Framework

LuaWinFW is set of classes to access Delphi objects from Lua scripts. Extended to allow usage of Delphi controls and RTTI.

Accessible classes:

  • Standard palette: TLabel, TEdit, TMemo, TButton, TCheckBox, TRadioButton, TListBox, TComboBox, TGroupBox, TRadioGroup, TPanel;
  • Additional palette: TBitBtn, TSpeedButton, TStringGrid, TControlBar, TScrollBox;
  • Win32 palette: TTabControl, TPageControl, TTabSheet, TRichEdit, TProgressBar, TTreeView, TListView, TStatusBar, TToolBar, TCoolBar, TToolButton;
To create from Lua script "mysomething = TClassname(Name, Parent name)"

Common API:
  • print(comma separated values)
  • sleep(milliseconds)
  • ProcessMessages
Class API:
  • function GetProp(property name: string): returns property value
  • function SetProp(property name: string; property value): sets property
  • function Invoke(method name: string; params separated by comma): executes method, returns result
  • function EnumProperties([class name: string]): return array of strings
  • function EnumMethods([class name: string]): return array of strings
  • function EnumFields([class name: string]): return array of strings
  • function SetEvent(event name: string; lua function)
Built in
  • Asynchronous Serial port as class TComPort
    • to create from Lua script set events and "myport = TComPort()"
    • Open(const PortName: string; BaudRate, Bits, StopBits, ParityIndex: integer): boolean
    • Close
    • Purge
    • SetDtrState(state: boolean)
    • SetRtsState(state: boolean)
    • GetCtsState: boolean
    • SetTimeouts(baud: dword): boolean
    • Write(buf: array): boolean
    • Read: array
    • events: OnRead, OnWrite, OnCts
  • TimerQueue based timers as class TQueuedTimer (see CreateTimerQueueTimer)
    • to create from Lua script "mytimerobj = TQueuedTimer(DueTime, Period, Flags)"
    • StartTimer
    • StopTimer
    • GetEnabled
    • events: OnTimer

  • program starts "script.lua" by default
  • requires lua52.dll
  • not all property's access available, mostly integer, string, enums and sets
  • function "print" requires MemoLog object of type TMemo

Zip contains simple script as example. More complicated example can be found in FDB Tool above

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